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Kamala is a platform developed by Morpheus to effectively model domain knowledge in the cloud. Users log in to their account on the Kamala server and from there they can manage, update and query topic maps. Kamala is designed to provide a bottom-up method of modeling domain knowledge based on the Topic Maps standard. The reference documentation strives to document all aspects of Kamala. For several functionalities we also provide movies with examples of how to add/edit something or accomplish the task.


Kamala is a cloud application, no software installation is required. You do need a browser. We recommend Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer is not recommended as it tends to differ in its implementation of internet standards.

Kamala is based on the Topic Maps data model for storing knowledge. It is useful to have a basic understanding of this model while using Kamala. See for a concise introduction The TAO of Topic Maps by Steve Pepper. Morpheus has also written several papers (most of them written in Dutch) and gave some presentations, available at Artikelen (Dutch) or Articles.

Structure of the documentation 

The documentation aims at describing everything you need to know to work effectively with Kamala. This includes creating and sharing topic maps, creating and mutating topics, defining associations, etc. You can find the topics in the menu on the left, most of them organized by menu item or page type.

Throughout this documentation, Howto video's will appear. Currently, we have instruction video's available about validation, visualization, favorites, basic functions and buttons, and others. We recommend to watch the video about navigation first.


To get started with Kamala without having to read the entire reference documentation first, we've set up a Quickstart guide.

This documentation (and Kamala) is under constant development, so we might still be working on the documentation you are looking for. Screenshots and video's may be based on a previous version of Kamala.

Last updated on May 3, 2013