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Logging in 

When you first navigate to Kamala, or a page within Kamala, the application will ask you to log in. If you don't yet have an account, you can register for an account by clicking the "Register now" button (see Registration).

The login form expects two values to be submitted: your username and your password.

The login formThe login form

Remember me The remember me option will ensure that you are kept logged in over a longer period of time. You might still have to log in after a server maintenance.

If the authentication failed you will receive a message ("Incorrect login!"). This can means one or more of the following:

Logging out 

You are automatically logged out of Kamala after a period of inactivity. When this happens, any new requests made to Kamala will either send you to the login screen, or tell you that your session has timed out.

You can log out of Kamala by using the "Logout" menu item, located in the sub menu under your full name in the top right of the screen.

The logout menu itemThe logout menu item

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